Quinta-feira, 30 de Dezembro de 2010

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Colours for the New Year

White: The colour most often used by people in the new year, means balance, helps in controlling one's feelings and well-being of relationships in any context, personal or professional.
Red: the red in 2011 will not be used by whoever is in search of passion, it will mean power. The colour is a great option for those who felt depressed during 2010.
Violet or purple: these are the tones advised for those who want to find a new love in 2011, the planet Venus has a close connection with the colour and this enhances that feeling.
Pink: the colour is good for people who want to feel more emotion. Pink handle the feelings and makes people feel more excitement, however, should not be used by people with certain shortage.
Yellow: the colour traditionally used by those who want to attract money into the New Year, this year with its use is banned for not having any connection with Venus and thus represent imbalance and insecurity in all aspects of life. For those who do not want to let go of the habit can use the gold that is a bit more neutral. 
Black: This year black is the colour suitable for those who want to stimulate the financial side. The only problem is presented by the colour which may cause a certain isolation. 
Blue: because the ruler ship of Venus, the tone of blue brings different meanings in 2011. The royal blue symbolizes leadership, as the navy blue makes people closed to the emotions. 

Happy new year,
Rafael Marques 
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